Silly Question : What if we ran a public node?



What if we ran a public node on a cloud server? What are the functions from the wallet that are run on the server that could be compromised? Would it be possible to split up the server functionality to be wallet and non wallet and split them across servers?


You can but what “cloud server” provider do you trust and support?
Cardano is currently utilizing Amazon, which I deplore.

Where do I begin with this one…
When I deploy Cardano nodes all will go as far as possible in trusting no one while supporting the infrastructure providers that support the same, like for example Hurricane Electric.

Yes, but you still end up with a trust issue.

If I was to go with a public cloud provider I would go with Joyent, this chart is a nice why:

my 2ADA


F…k amazon! PhotonVPS all the way for me. I brought up my cardano sl node and it’s running on the main net… not sure at this point what use it is to anyone, but hey, it’s been cranking for hours now. $20 for 8TB monthly bandwidth, 4GB RAM on a 1Gbps pipe. Most VPS can’t beat that and they are piped into some major backbones plus have great support from a bunch of devops/sysadmins from India and are quite responsive about problems.


I know them, have been in some of their locations great bunch of guys running some nice servers and routers.


So basically what I am thinking is, we have a lot of free hosting for small machines, is there anything we can usefully do with them and cardano? I am looking at openshift, they give you a free small instance, so does google, can we get a small node running in there that does something on the network that speeds up things for other people. I understand the trust issue, but what if it was an untrusted node? Is there any work that an untrusted node could do?


And then the question becomes given that they are looking for people to run nodes to improve the network what would be the incentive to run a node to improve the network if you don’t want to trust it to hold any stake.