Single board computer with sollar UPS staking for resoure strapped

It seems one of the issues that remain difficult for people to get their heads around about a public blockchain is the security of records displayed on an open system that no one owns.

The private blockchain initiative is a smart intermediate solution to onboard the skeptics though it is a complete waste of useful resources.

If convincing people in Europe and America is so difficult about a public blockchain, it would be much worse in Africa, which would be a hindrance to the adoption of blockchain in a place where it is most needed.

A Cardano stake pool run from a single board computer such as Raspberry Pi with a sollar powered UPS could prove to be a perfect solution for both normal staking and side chains where economic considerations prevent investment on a more powerful hardware, and power interruption is a norm than an exception.

I hope IOHK, the Cardano Foundation, or another entity is working on such a solution, which would ease the adoption of Cardano in the developing countries tremendously.