Slot leaders

Hi, I just recently bought Cardano on EToro using fiat currency, this is my first time investing in Crypto and I am really excited about the Cardano projects.
Just a question in relation to buying Cardano on EToro, can I become a Slot Leader using the EToro exchange? And how? as no way of removing your coins to a wallet ?

Sorry, I started out with them too but moved away when I understood the setup. You don’t own the coins, you just bet on price movement. You can’t stake even using regular exchanges but this is even further down that road. The only way out is to sell up, withdraw your money and start again using Coinbase or such.

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Thanks Rob, I don’t think you can, Cardano on Coinbase, where else can you buy Cardano using fiat currency, Euro?

I’ve always bought ETH on Coinbase, transferred to Binance and exchanged for ADA there. But I’m not up on all the latest possibilities. If you look through the Trading category you might find useful info.

1.You can buy BTC or ETH on coinbase+other fiat entrypoints and transfer your crypto after you have established a account one of this exchanges:

2.You can buy ADA with BTC,ETH and USD on need to register KYC and AML and apply for a $account.

Best of luck.

3.Do valid research on how to download the official Cardano wallet on your computer:

Use youtube as well for research on cardano.

4.Establish and save/store the 12 seed mnemonic (your private key/pincode that cannot be restored upon loss) offline and in a safe/secure place.

5.Transfer your Cardano/Ada from exchange to your downloaded wallet as soon as possible so you own your own coins.

  1. Wait for Cardano shelley release on q1-2019 for staking ++++