Slotted Blocks Producing: Output (0), Txs (0), Fees (0)?

During this epoch we have witnessed an increased amount of blocks producing 0 total fees and 0 total output.

Can anyone shed some light on what values these have to the pool? Are we earning rewards with these blocks, and/or is this bad?

Would love some insight as to what these are,



The block when was created there were no transactions to hold inside it. this can happen sometimes… but that is not a bad thing at all.

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Are rewards generated from these empty blocks?

Thank you for the response!

yes, what matter only is the number of blocks created by the pool.

Very interesting… I thought that there was no need for empty blocks to be created in Cardano… Unlike Bitcoin, where even if there are no transactions in the mempool, you need to create empty blocks to incentivize the miners to keep mining on the chain.

Could someone explain as to what is the benefit of an empty block? Esp, since slots CAN remain empty and there is no expenditure for a stake pool to create blocks. Doesn’t it make sense to reject empty blocks as they just increase state bloat (though extremely minimally)?

Any light thrown on this aspect would be really appreciated,

Thanks in advance!