So I predicted ADABTC would hit 1200 sat a month or two ago and it DID. Next 700-850

Hope some of your heeded my warning and dumped this coin or shorted the crap out of it. I made massive profit by shorting. Thx ada.

Next target 700-850.


Claiming furure visions is allways fun to read about from the “skilled”. If you claimed 1200 sat your prediction was wrong like many others. Currently at 1000 an you have “lost” 200" sat.per ADA. ADA is controlled by a general downtrend in all currencies. No i did not dump but i have used the entire down period to encrease my positions, and will continue this load up if trend continues down.


This post sounds insane. For one your shorting instruments would be time limited. You are more likely to get rekt than make money, especially given the volatility of crypto. Calling anything in this space isn’t the sign of skill unfortunately.

It’s like saying: “I predict it will rain on our village!”

Then wait till it rains (keeping silent on sunny days) and then one day where it starts pouring for a week everywhere…

“AHA! see? I told you so! I hope you bought those flimsy umbrellas (which, btw, only last a day or two) ! Now thank me for being a genius.”

The funny thing is, for each of those who leave their houses in the village, there will be others who will see the storm as a temporary setback that won’t destroy the foundations on which these houses are built.

Storms transfer assets to their rightful owners.

Last time I checked Cardano had the same solid fundamentals as two weeks ago. If anything they improved as the work continues no matter what the weather outside.

If you see the potential in Cardano, you won’t be swayed by short-term swings in price. They are nothing compared to the wealth Cardano will create in a few short years.

If anything I would accumulate, build and contribute more. As the price goes down I am more bullish as it de-risks my downside.


@ZCryt0Knight Very well said.

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Can you predict future high for us??


Claiming the amount is fine, but when will it hit said amount…then i’ll be impressed. I predicted it will go down too, but capturing it in the moment is much more challenging.

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Looks like the Ada held it’s own during this dip…Thoughts?

Agree. That’s the key. Shorting is expensive if you don’t get your timing right. But timing the market is fool’s errand. If prices were predictable or always reflected fundamental we wouldn’t be where we are.

Crypto markets are irrational/erratic in the short term and parabolic in the long run. A couple of weeks of HODLING could account for 95% of returns. Problem is we don’t know when those occur.

HODLING is free while shorting costs money so HODLING is way more attractive if you have done your fundamental research.


damn it is getting near your prediction, lmao.

Hello all, I’m back after 3 month.

I see that adabtc is going down as planned lol. It seems it will hit my prediction soon. Hope yall made some gains on this expected drop.

If you are hodling, I hope you at least have some proper risk management.