So whats this A0 about?

The nomenclature is very hard to understand now, sometimes I’m asking if we are trying to build a rocket… can somebody tell me why a 600ADA pledge is not good enough?
My pool only have 3k delegate from my own, spent 500 ADA for register, had to put 600 ADA as pledge, somebody told me its not enough.
Do you know how does it work, these names k, a0 whatever they are very misleading to be honest…


First of all u will recieve the 500 ADA back when u will retire the pool…

Now… no one said that a small pool like your has no chance… this is a bad perception from my point of view… if someone will delegate 2M ADA to ur pool u will see that it will have the same performance like any other big pool :wink:

But again… I think the delegators love to be influenced by other people who sell dreams to them… all pools big or small will provide a 5-6% return on a long term… so with 3k delegated to your pool if u will create only 1 block per year u will have around 30% return… so patience is the key :wink: it will be a long way for u and u are not alone :slight_smile:


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