Socket Issue (missing) and KES rotation issue


!!! Also check/modify the socket path inside env file

I think I have?

cd /media
ls -l



sudo chown -R blink_bp:blink_bp media
ls - l

restart the node

No such file or directory (please note the one has an underscore and the other a hyphen).
Sorry for the delays, I should be able to respond a lot quicker now!


sudo chown -R blink_bp:blink_bp blink_bp
ls - l

try to restart the node now

Like this? Or physically restart the server?

Yes, now check with sudo systemctl status cardano-node and journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node


Perfect… the node will start… then u can rotate the KES and modify the start script

at the end u can move the files back on the new HDD but u will need to modify the paths, etc

now it should work… it was an issue with permissions

Im gonna cry im so happy if I can finally resolve this (all thanks to you). Thank you…

You are welcome :beers:

u must also test if after server restart the folder blink_bp from /media will keep the actual permission … if not u will need to apply the above command each time

sudo chown -R blink_bp:blink_bp blink_bp

I think we’re good @Alexd1985

Thank you so much… I was at my wits end feeling pretty bleak about all this.

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@Alexd1985, I restarted my node (physically) and now it’s trying to sync over 4 days, is this expected?

I’ve also redone the permissions (post restart), as you previously suggested:

cd /media
sudo chown -R blink_bp:blink_bp blink_bp
sudo systemctl stop cardano-node
sudo systemctl start cardano-node

This meaning the db or was deleted or the path was changed inside the script and now it is downloading again

Check if on HDD another db folder was created or the old one was deleted

The folder structure appears to be DB/db but It seems to be called DB1 now (if i inspect any folder inside of it)?

If I try change it

Try to change the path inside the script with DB1 and restart the node… but wired why this happened