Solar and water for all

I have a few projects that are both European and African, and all deal with providing solar energy and water to all and quality to all water.

Some of these projects are huge and could benefit from blockchain and trading on the value derived from growing societies that have more access to solar energy and water.

The trust to be built is the link between source en purpose
1/ Solar: how to link quality and source of solar modules to the future energy production from solar irradiation for long periods (30 year for each module)
2/ Water: how to link payment for water to the funding of water infrastructure to ensure water for current and future generations.
Having this link secured though blockchain will add to trust and to future sustained value.
Allowing to trade on this future value would allow to attract more currency into the blockchain, in turn increasing the link to today’s effort and future value to communities interns of access to energy and water fro all.

BUT I am looking for people to be trusted and a platform to be handling this idea into something of value. I can understand the econometrics of currencies and trusted tokens. But the technology is to mysterious for me to construct it.
My contribution wold be to link such blockchain to realize networks, stakeholders and projects worldwide.

Posting this makes me now wonder what will happen.

Johan Konings