Some Cool Pools!

Website for TRUE is now

Not sure if it helps, it being on the list already, but I’ve had various dealings with Georg and I’m happy to stake with TRUE.

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TILIA pool maybe (TILX on ITN)?:slight_smile: I think we meet the requirements too.

@rin9s I think this site has a disproportionate amount of SPOs to casual users ratio. I only found this place as an SPO looking for help to get setup. It has been fantastic in that aspect and appreciate everyone involved. @ADAfrog is a pretty cool SPO and would like to nominate him. But aside from that I think the majority seems to be the casual delegator or Ada holder with an issue. Might want to check In with other platforms as we to get a more rounded overview of the user base.

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Seems a long time without an update. So I’d suggest adding APEX to the list.