Some quick info on Fund10!

Hey! This is a quick recap of a twitter thread I posted recently, talking about the upcoming Fund10!!

Three new categories will be implemented: Catalyst Fund Operations, Catalyst Systems improvements, and Open Catalyst. These categories allow the community to have a say in how projects are run, their purpose, and even their roadmap

A new Milestones Module will be introduced, emphasizing “Don’t trust, verify.” Automation tools for managing milestones will be implemented for Fund 10, enabling community-led verification processes for funded projects. The Catalyst team will also go through the same audit process as the rest of the community.

The voting app has been improved to enhance the user experience. Updates include Wallet Connect integration and enhanced proposal views. Additional filtering options have been added to help users find and vote for their preferred proposals.

Fund 10 will deliver 50 million ADA, which is an exciting development. The funds will be denominated in ADA. Fund 10 is set to begin on June 22nd, so stay tuned for more updates. More information can be found on @danny_cryptofay’s profile.

These updates bring significant advancements to Project Catalyst, empowering the community and enhancing the overall experience for participants in the funding and decision-making process!

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