Some Words about Haters

A few words about the many hate stories that circulate on the Internet. Unpleasantly i had to read so many ineffable postings about Charles or the whole Cardano project, that i think it’s high time to dedicate a comment to these bird sized brains. Not able to do constructive work themselves, they are compulsively trying to devalue the work of others. It testifies to a toddler mentality where one child shatters the sandcastle of the other because it was particularly well done. But these are not toddlers, they are frustrated and intelligent free adults, searching for victims to compensate their own inability. They don’t build anything, they are not interested in any improvements and they are acting completely antisocial. - How poor is that!

(Seems i became also some kind of a hater - a hater of haters! :wink:)


Aha like this idiot(chico crypto)
Just wait and see when all phases are done on the cardano block chain( shelly etc etc…) and whe have big clients on board(big blue chips) the haters will be crying when my ada joins the top 5 coins on marketcap .
Happy ada holdings😁


Haters are going to hate!
And they are not going away soon.
A little return hate can be understood :wink:

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:joy: You nailed me! This guy gave me the last impulse to write this :joy:

I really hope so. Haters were too successful too long! It is high time for a change!
By the way - thanks for the absolution :wink::+1:

:grin: no thanks mate
Its make me angry every time some one says
Bad things about cardano what is not true,
Specialy about are chief charles hoskinson i admire this guy very much working sooo hard flying all over the planet to speak and lett people understand blockchain and ada.
Blockchain guru charles :grin:

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