Southamerica investment

Hi everyone,
I am interested in investing with Cardano. Anyone knows what is the safest and shortest way to do it in countries like Colombia where CoinBase does not work.
Any help is welcome and appreciated.
Have a good one

Hi Alejo! @pedbel

Sure, in order to buy ADA you have 2 pre-requisites: buying either Bitcoin or Ethereum first, because you can’t buy ADA straight with fiat (your money) yet. I would recommend Ethereum as it’s faster and cheaper transaction fee than Bitcoin.

Try the Bitpanda route via Credit Card (fee is 5%) to buy ETH after registering with them.
Alternatively, you can try the Lykke Wallet app on your phone, they don’t take any fee for Credit Card purchases. That’s rather cool. You can transfer any of the coins on Lykke to other wallets or exchanges.

The only thing to be careful about on Lykke: don’t send ETH directly from your trading wallet as this is a smart contract transfer (which some exchanges don’t support). Instead transfer them to the private wallet in Lykke app first, then from there to the exchange.

You should also sign up on Binance (cheapest fee of all exchanges 0.1% per trade)

Here is a cool link on how to register on Binance

You should also read some friendly instructions I posted at the end of this comment Which is the better exchange platform?

Feel free to ask questions to the community! Good luck!