Spare dormant phone used for cold storage?


Hi All, has anyone figured out a way to use a spare dormant phone as a cold storage wallet computer. One that has no number attached to it and off line? As I have 2 of these phones I can keep the majority of my coins on the dormant phone and a few spendable coins on an active one transfer back and forth maybe thru an off line computer desk top? Think this would be a great app as I do not trust the other options. I am still new to all things crypto. But it would be easy to DL the app and transfer it to the dormant phone.


Yea, I do it too. I have an extra mobile available, it never leaves home, as storage and 2fa bkp.


But I am not sure if there is a mobile wallet for Cardano


No mobile wallet yet, I think their are big plans for mobiles further down the road map.


So in my quest to figure out my best option for cold storage. Maybe a dedicated crypto removable HD to a desk top crypto only computer with limited interned exposure. This enables some portability and can be plugged into a lap top if needed but that would expose my bank to potential disaster. I do like the dormant cell phone idea the best and will continue to explore. Any instructions would be great.


Cold storage and light client support are in the roadmap:

Cold storage will exist in the form of “paper wallets” and when “light client support” is rolled out it looks like smartphones may be able to store Ada. Both of these features are in the Roadmap for the next stage “Shelly” that is expected Q2 2018.

IOHK seem to be realistic, and put a quality, functional, secure product ahead of public relations and hence are not huge on pretending they can know what exact dates these features will be rolled out on. I respect that.