SPO Course hiccup

So I’ve been following the tutorials @ https://cardano-foundation.gitbook.io/stake-pool-course/stake-pool-guide/getting-started/install-node and Carlos’ video tutorials and I must commend the Cardano team and IOHK for a pretty thorough and cleanly presented tutorial.

Whereas I failed before due to instructions being rather limited (for a n00b like me), I succeeded this time in succesfully launching the node on the testnet. Pics are attached:

The first picture should show that there’s input in the various fields (slot, epoch, etc).
I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I changed nothing in the linux environment to my knowledge other than closing the node or rebooting the system. After that, in the second picture, running the exact same commands… the node launches, but shows no input. Notice hte lapse time in the screenshot is only 16 secs, but I’ve let it run for 30 minutes with nothing.

Could someone help me figure this out and tell me what gives?

Thanks alot!

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I would need to see your logs to provide clues as to what’s happening

try running

killall cardano-node

and restarting the node again