Stake delegation stuck at 'calculating fees'

I am trying to delegate cardano to a stake pool, any pool! But the transaction is stuck at ‘’ calculating fees’. Despite patience and several attempts

Is anyone else having the same issue?
I have the correct clock and restarted the pc

Going to miss out on next epoch point at this rate!

Daedalus network is so slow too!!

You can cancle a transaction and try to delegate again.

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Tried that about 15 times so far!!

If Daedalus doesnt work for you, you could try to use adalite.

Given Yoroi has delegation now, consider moving your funds to a new Yoroi wallet and delegating from there.

Hope you get this resolved one way or another.


@ghostrider203 @Ahmad_Alkilani @Zyroxa It’s great you give alternatives, but honestly with so many people wanting to use Daedalus, and the fact that it is supposed to be operable/the point is for it to be usable, I don’t understand why people are being asked to try something else. [Each day it takes a long time to sync (why?), and stake pools are not coming up/shown but I know they’re random currently, though the updates have gone very well for me, thankfully.] I’ve been patiently waiting for all to be working/for epochs to complete, so unsure why re-direction is the answer?
Thank you.


The network is in a very chaotic state just now, it won’t even begin to start running normally until the next epoch. Pool order in Daedalus is literally random. Also, it’s what’s called a full-node wallet, operating directly on the whole blockchain, most people are better off using a light wallet such as Yoroi (though that’s still imperfect too) or AdaLite.

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Daedalus on Windows is specifically not optimized yet so it’s slow and that’s the platform many use today. Daedalus will have a release that addresses the Windows performance problems. IOHK/IOG does know about them and Charles has acknowledged and uses Windows as well. I suspect this will be addressed in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, best to show people there are options than to give up :slight_smile: