Stake per service

Every day is a day less to get to see Ouroboros in action. One of the characteristics that will allow the staking is to generate new adas blocking x amount you have in possession.
So, imagine that we want to freeze 1200 ADAs and all the rewards that it generates go directly to a service of our choice, such as Spotify, Dropbox, and many others that are to come.
This will allow payment for a service in a way never seen! you will keep control and possession of your ADAs forever!

  • interoperability **
  • smart contracts *

So it’s basically the same as just opening your wallet once in a while and making a payment to the required service?


It is the same concept but in an automated way through smart contracts. I do not know anyone who transfers money manually every month to pay Spotify. Then you can benefit from services in a passive way.

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more concretely: delegation per service

Afaik the transactions to bring everyones staking rewards into the personal wallet are a bit special because they have to happen for every stake delegation at the end of every epoch, ideally without fees and no delay.
But once you have the ADAs into your wallet it would be a cool (third party addon?) thing, to create some automated or triggered outgoing transactions. Keep in mind: by using always the same TX address this will create some sort of traceability and is also nor recommended by the engineers of Ouroboros. Also keep in mind that the clock/timer/scheduler in this case is your own wallet device. Or it can be kind of an exchange where you don’t place trading orders but scheduled transactions.


As you say, it is more reasonable to implement an extension that allows these automated payments. Is this where the sidechains come into play?


You don’t need sidechains for that. If you want to have this functionality completely automatic - you would need a centralised service that controls your money flow. So basically a bank.

Bank can make automatic payments to services for you, because they have FULL control over your finance flow. E.g. your salary comes to you thru them, and they can take from it and send to someone else. The whole point of blockchains was so that no one except yourself has the control over your finance.

There’re two possible ways to make it in a purely decentralised way:

  1. There’s a smart-contract where you can send a large sum of money once and then it will potentially periodically send payments once a month to some selected addresses. But once the balance of the contract is low - you will need to manually send new large sum there.

  2. Your wallet may send remainders to you that you need to make a payment to some service. E.g. a mobile wallet may generate a notification like “You gotta pay for your Spotify. Wanna send them 1000 ADA?” and you click “OK” - enter your password - and it sends the transaction.

Any other completely automatic solution will once again mean that you have handed full control and command of your personal finance to someone else.

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First point: “But once the balance of the contract is low - you will need to manually send new large sum there”
Here you mean that the amount of adas you sent the first time to the smart contract is reduced by the fees? Why is it reduced and you are forced to send more? These fees could be paid from the rewards?

Because coins get sent from smart-contract to services? :tipping_hand_man:

  1. You have a smart-contract
  2. You send 12’000 ADAs to smart-contract
  3. Every month smart-contract sends 1000 ADAs to Spotify
  4. One year later there are 0 ADAs on that smart-contract
  5. You need to add new ADAs to the smart-contract

I understand what you want to say, my point of view was that you only need to send a large amount of adas once, then the rewards are managed by the system to pay for services (of your choice). Why do you need to send more adas if you are already generating enough adas by staking?
That is my point of view, get services of your rewards for delegating a percentage % of your stake.
Maybe what I propose is not viable, thank you for your opinions!

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But first thing first : a stable coin ?

Much easier just to take rewards and pay for services in the normal ways, whatever they might turn out to be. If rewards > services then great, but no need for locking stake and/or other complexity.

I see where you are coming from. You want to keep the principal intact and only distribute the rewards.

  1. You have 10k Ada
  2. It generates 100ads per month through staking
  3. You want to set up an automatic transaction that would trigger at certain date—say the end of the month and sends 100ada to the service of your choice.

You don’t need to send the money to anywhere and want to keep your principle—10k ADA staked at all times.

Is that about right?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to do on client side. So you would need to specify the terms of your periodic transfer ahead of time, like what date you want to send the money, how much, etc. Your wallet will do this.

  1. Each month your Daedalus will check the date and if it’s the end of the month then:
    A. Daedalus creates a transaction for 100ADA predefined in your earlier periodic payment plan.
    B. Signs and sends your transaction to your recipient.

I don’t know how challenging it will be to implement, but it would be great to have it as an extension. I would say it fits nicely with Daedalus’s vision to be a “dAppStore”.

Paying your bills and sending your money automatically should be a basic feature. It wouldn’t mean you have to give up control over your funds.


That’s where I wanted to go. Thanks for the explanation. I will try to be clearer next time.


And if the service only took BTC as payment, then that is when the sidechain functionality would be needed? The smart contract would need to convert the ADA to BTC before sending the transaction.