Stake pool operator activities

I have gone through the SPO course but still have some general questions.

The SPO course goes over things like how to send payments from one payment address to another, from one payment address to payment with stake address, register stake address on blockchain.

So let’s say I create and register a stake pool on the blockchain.

If my stake pool gets a delegate then:
-will I have to manually create a stake address and ‘payment with stake’ address for that delegate?
-manually move the delegated amount from the delegate’s payment address to ‘payment with stake’ address?
-manually move the rewards from stake address to payment address?
-are any of these steps automated?
-repeat one or more of these steps for every delegate?
-essentially, what are the daily activities of a SPO?

I’m still researching some of these questions so apologies if its redundant. Appreciate any replies.



Once the pool registered and running there is no more activities needed besides the monitoring, maintaining the system.
So no, you do not have to do anything once someone delegated to the pool.