Stake pool operatoring school : what would be a more secure professional virtual machine to use on Windows to run Linux?

During the stake pool course lesson n°1, it’s said installing oracle VM virtualbox, might not be the ideal option to run a stake pool for the mainnet. So what is the most secure alternative and best practice ?

I think the best practice is running Linux not on top of Windows, but instead directly on the VPS that your provider is offering or bare-metal on a physical server.

There may be some people who already own Windows-based virtualization hosts with many other VMs running, they will typically use Hyper-V to run Linux VMs. If you don’t already have such a Windows host that you want to build on, Windows is simply not needed in my opinion, better to go with plain Linux.

From what I’ve seen, VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Player and similar virtualization software that we use on the desktop are meant for personal computers, not for production servers.