Stake pool registration question

Hi all,

I am at this part of the stake pool school:

So far all has run smoothly, but I have a question:

  • does the TTL that we put in the txn file determine at which slot the pool actually becomes visible in the ledger?

I have no problem getting the pool ID from the cold key file, but then when using that same pool ID to query the ledger state I get “null” as a result. Also, the pool does not appear in Daedalus (testnet version).

Do I just need to be patient here? The txn is visible in the explorer, and the address responsible for paying the fee and registration has been charged.

Let me know your thoughts,



Hi Adrem,

TTL specifies the slot the transaction must be completed by - always use a TTL in the future, I’ve found it does not need to be specific (fees may vary based on value), but definitely in the future.

for the pool id, you can get the hex version by running:

cardano-cli shelley stake-pool id
–verification-key-file /path/to/cold.vkey
–output-format hex

Try querying the ledger with this, or pasting it into pooltool to see if your pool shows up. If so, you are likely not seeing the pool in the wallets due to a mismatch in the meta hash you provided during pool registration and the actual hash of the file. I recommend double checking:

wget https:///.json
cardano-cli shelley stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file .json

Your friend, FROG

Ok, I’ll try this in the morning. Thank you FROG.

As a note, for the metadata I used a gist, where I pasted the json code (not linked the file). I gather from another post you contributed to this is a mistake?

Cheers A

possibly - it needs to be raw code, so the wget should pull just the json file, not an HTML page containing the json as text

Cheers, Adrem

hi all,

I have managed to query the ledger with the HEX format of the pool ID: it shows on the ledger.

POOL ID: 997a9aad908618a7960867586023c66bbd27af1304a19f63512fbe4d

I cannot find it in adapools or pooltool, but it seems both of these only look at mainnet (this pool is in testnet). Is there a way to get pooltool to look at testnet?

Also, when I do:
cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063
| jq ‘._delegationState._pstate._pParams.“997a9aad908618a7960867586023c66bbd27af1304a19f63512fbe4d”’

I still get NULL as an output. I have tried without ", but it gives a jq syntax error. What is this command actually checking? Does it query whether the pool has received any delegated funds? If that is the case, NULL is correct.

I have also found that the metadata url I put in the registration certificate was wrong: it pointed at the gist page, rather then the raw .json file. The correct metadata url is:

it works for me when I wget it, can someone please confirm?

Also, now that I know this, how can I change it on the reg cert? The pool is registered in the blockchain, can I modify the metadata url without retiring it and then re-registering it? The “modify registration certificate” section of the tutorial is still WIP.

Thank you in advance for your time,



I was having a similar problem that I was getting NULL when querying my pool ID. The Testnet epoch just turned over like 3 hours ago. Now I can see my pool in Daedalus Testnet and get a result when searching in Cardano-cli. I can see yours too in Cardano-cli, not Daedalus.

cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep 997a9aad908618a7960867586023c66bbd27af1304a19f63512fbe4d

Hi, I am also very much interested to create stake pool, but I don’t have any any technical background. it is possible, for me to run the stake pool with out any technical knowledge & can I hire some one to install stake pool for me, or this is risky? More over I am very much passionate about stake pool for my future, if this need require technical skill, then please some one from our community help, from where shall I start?

Yeah if you’re dead set on running a pool you will need a technical partner and the ability to enable them with your pledge stake keys so they can register your pledge address to the pool (not quite straightforward via Daedalus yet).

This partner will most likely have access to your pool cold keys so there would need to be a significant degree of trust and integrity. I would recommend taking some time to learn about the keys involved in running a pool operation and from there figure out what you’re comfortable doing relevant to partnership model. In any case I think it’s preferable to know your partner well and I personally would also ask for references.