Stake pools

When staking is live,
And when you have choosen your stake pool, and the epoch ends. Does one, need to choose a new stake pool or can you keep your current one.

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You could keep the delegation to the same stake pool after each epoch because otherwise we would have to set a new delegation at the end of each epoch and that would be a truly big nightmare!
However it may be in your interest to change your delegation to anew stakepool if this one allows you more gains!
So it would be optional : keeping the delegation to the same stakepool or choosing a new one if this one allows to have more rewards vs your stake.

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The understanding I have is you may select a stake pool and stay there. You will receive a portion of the earnings based on the size of your stake.

The plans for the system are to give you the ability to monitor various pools from with in Daedalus and Yoroi wallets. By monitoring the pools you will be able to see the more successful pools.

You can change pools at any time to take advantage of better run, more active or more successful pools.

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Just to be clear, because the OP was about epochs, you can click to signal you want to change pools at any time but the change will only happen at the end of the current epoch.

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1 month and 10 days

Yes. That is true. I understand that info. Why have you made this reply to me?

It’s a public forum, I was responding to what you said but had everyone/anyone in mind as possible readers. If you look out for it you’ll see people do that quite often in forums.