Stakepool Profitability Calculation

Just give it what you can afford, you can increase it laterwards!

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What is your strategy for staking your pool? How much pledge vs stake

Just Pledge what you have, stake shall come from the delegators.

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Do you get return on your pledge? if there is nothing s taked to your pool?

Yes, you also get rewards for the Pledge

Thanks for helping.

Is having more than 1 owner for having more pledge?

Do you think 2K pledge and 10K stake would be good? It seems there wont be very many blocks produced, but I can get about 10K I think from friends. And does pledge count as stake or no? What do you think the ROA would be on something like that?

Well, honestly with 12k in total it will take in average 2 years to mint one single block…
So without finding some delegators you will not get happy :wink:

Well thats the goal to promote delegation through my business. Where does luck come into play? I saw one 10K server with 50% ROA but had 100% + luck

Your chance to mint a block is depending on the share of your stake compared to the total staked ADA.
Anyways there are just just 21600 blocks pere Epoch (5 days). So you need some luck to be selected for a block.

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Can you share this excel? Maybe in google sheets?

Here you go: Cardano Pool Operation Calculation - Google Sheets

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HI !
Are you considering that you only will get any reward as soon as you at least mint 1 block?
The main purpose of my calculation was to find out how much stake is needed to get some consistent returns. Just that you are not dis-statisfied when it takes quite some time to get a block assigned.

That was just a calculator I came across on reddit and sharing it, not sure how accurate it is. Thanks for your link!

that calculator looks backwards, the payout to delegators and operator cost seem reversed.