Staking address

I just installed the Yoroi wallet (with Ledger Nano S) and staked my Cardano for the first time. When you stake will I still have the same address? I downloaded a portfolio app and it asked me for the address. I put it in and it says I have 0 ADA. I was thinking this was because it was staked maybe? Your insight is appreciated. Thanks!

when you stake ada it is not locked up in any way… you can use it whenever you want and it will just lower the amount you are staking. It never leave your address when you stake. I hope that helps.

Thanks! If a staking pool is, for example, 3% per month (36% per year), but you’re only making an average of 5% API, won’t you be deep in the hole? I know I must be mistaking! Sorry for the dumb question.

No problem, everyone starts somewhere… first of all there is no per month anything… the percentage a stake pool charges per epoch (5 day period) is taken off the top of the rewards and then the stakeholders split the rest of the rewards (including the owners). and that is done according to the amount of ada you are staking. the percent return is calculated by how much of the rewards you get. The system is set up so that everyone, over time, should get around the same percentage of rewards. Most stake pool operators charge between 0% and 5 percent which, according to some numbers I have seen, doesn’t amount to a lot at the end of the year (if that’s the period you are using)…

I will try to find the article that talks about the rewards and post it here for you.