Staking Pool not showing in Wallet after Pledge Increase

The pool MONK has been available to stake via Yorbi and Daedalus since we launched a month ago. Earlier this week, we increased the pledge amount and updated the metadata file and hash. shows all green was slow to show MONK in the search after the updates (missing last night, but shows this morning)

What could be causing the pool to not show in wallets?

I believe there is something to do with caching in the wallets where this can occur, but I haven’t run down that road personally to speak to it with experience. Look into wallet caching with redoing the meta files though as a good starting point.

I am in the process of installing/syncing a new Daedalus app and wallet . Can you see the pool MONK in your wallet?

I find this when I search for “MONK” in Yoroi:

[MONK] MonkeyContracts

Thank you for checking

MONK is successfully found and available for staking when using Yoroi, but the is still missing in Daedalus.

I followed the instructions listed in Stake pool is not shown in Daedalus – IOHK Support ( I don’t see any errors.

How long before the pool shows up in Daedalus?