Staking Pools That Crash

Is it common for a staking Pool to be high ranked one week and the next week it is junk?

I delegated abit to SPACE a week ago when it was in the top 5 now it is worthless at 241 and failing.

Is this common.

Only if that pool stops performing and misses blocks. A result of the operator in some manor.

No this is not common - although at the same time, whether a pool is 1st on the ‘ranking board’ or last, does not mean one pool is performing better than the other. Both can still produce all their blocks and give a good return on stake.

My pool for example is very much near the bottom of Daedalus ranks, yet the people delegating to the pool are pretty happy with the rewards so far in Nov. With most epochs giving a 5%+ return.

Edit: a pool anywhere on the ranks certainly doesn’t make it worthless!!

If you are referring to the adapools ranking then, yes, you can see these wild swings a lot. My MANTIS pool experienced the exact same thing on adapools several times. Be ranked #3 or so and once you accumulate more that 150% of your Active stake then the ranking algorithm will drop you 100 or more ranks.

Hi Navar,

Thanks for posting this issue, did see your post by just randomly clicking. I’m the Stake pool operator behind SPACE (Staker Space) and you mean you had delegated to SP₳CE. Making this distinction is very important to me as I have no ties with the pool operator behind SP₳CE.

I however was accused for stealing the ticker SPACE and that because his stake was bigger and I was also a validator on other networks he was entitled to the ticker. Anyway long-story short. The operator behind SP₳CE increased his commission from 0% to 5% and removed his 1Million ADA pledge he had to the pool. This might be the reason for the drop. I had tweeted about this

So the SPO itself is a piece of junk that reflects on the pool. Main goal for these companies is to make as much as money and lose sight of what are the important milestones of decentralization and the role of delegators and SPO’s. Read this recent blogpost to get acquainted.

You can see the clear distinction between us, I’m much more smaller pool, but not surprise attacks like those and even have a higher ROS so you won’t lose on your stake. Hope to onboard you on SPACEship.

I can understand why you think a pool moving from 5 to 241 means it is worthless and failing because that would be common thinking based on the numbers and colors that are given to pools ranked lower… I wish IOHK would take a look at this. I have a pool that hasn’t been ranked in the top and is doing well (like many other pools).
If what they say is correct and every pool should preform equally in the end, these rankings are ridiculous… One work of caution, chasing blocks is not a great strategy.