Staking/reward wallet

:thinking: hey ada gang,
question your nornal wallet balance + staking/reward wallet = the total right
lets say you only want take out some coinz from your reward wallet and dont touch your original to do?? same spending phrase i think​:thinking::thinking:

You can’t with usual wallet apps. To withdraw from the stake address the transaction still has to have a “normal” input. And the output has to have at least the minimum of around 1 ADA. So, if you have less than 1 ADA rewards, the difference has to be taken from somewhere. And you have to decide from where to pay the transaction fee.

What you can do depends on the wallet app you use. With Eternl’s TxBuilder, I can – by calculating and playing around a bit with the values – create a transaction that withdraws and sends to my other account and creates an output with the exact same value that I have put in:
… but that is not totally untouched. The UTxOs with the same value in the original account are still different UTxOs.

On the command line, it would be possible to create a transaction that also takes the input from another wallet/account and only withdraws from the target, I think.

What is your use case? Why do you want to do it? For some tax/bureaucracy thing, it really should be enough that the balance in the end fits. You could probably even use Yoroi’s separate withdraw action and just send out the “right” amount shortly after. I would be very surprised if bureaucracies care about technical details of a blockchain.

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thanks hepta for explaining how it works
it just a thing that i wanted to know.
so it looks like reward & mainnet wallet are sperated from each other???
if i want 10 ada from reward wallet i have to have the fee on my mainnet like 3 ada or something
how to acces this reward wallet?? never done it thats why i ask🤓
thanks friend
ada no 1

I wouldn’t speak of different wallets, rather of different (types of) addresses inside the same wallet. The keys are derived from the same seed phrase. The reward address contributes to your stake even if rewards are not withdrawn. …

The difference is that the usual base addresses use the (E)UTxO model of doing things. I choose specific unspent outputs from previous transactions and spend them resulting in new unspent outputs from this transaction (on my or someone else’s addresses).

The stake addresses use an account-based model, where all rewards are booked onto the stake address.

The withdrawal is the interface between the two. And since it is done in the (E)UTxO model, it has to spend at least one UTxO and result in at least one UTxO. That’s why I need a little bit of ADA on base addresses in the wallet to withdraw from the stake address.

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my friend you are so helpfull on this forum
learning everyday thank u thank u
stick with us our ada family is strong and smart​:heart::heart::heart: