Start up node and sync fast

What’s the fastest way of starting a new node and fetch all transaction? I tried creating an AMI from an up to date stack on EC2 (dockerized) in order to avoid the whole sync process but when starting a new EC2 from that AMI the cardano node takes around 30 minutes until it starts fetching transaction.

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If you already had synced a node earlier you can just copy the db folder to the new server.

Wasn’t suppose to be there since i created an AMI from a running/synced stack?

AMI is a snapshot I guess? In which case everything including the synced blockchain should be automatically available. After restore the node still has to sync between the time the snapshot was restored and the current time. 30 minutes sounds very plausible.

Yes it’s a snapshot. It’s expected for the node to start sync from the time the snapshot was taken till current time, but this should be really fast as i created the ec2 as soon as i took the snapshot. Here’s the part of the logs showing the delay:

[6f846372:cardano.node.ip-producers:Notice:5] [2021-08-02 08:59:53.83 UTC] IPSubscriptionTarget {ispIps = [], ispValency = 0}
[6f846372:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2021-08-02 09:40:34.76 UTC] Opened imm db with immutable tip at d37301649320d082a61c3f8a7b1e9879703789133733071b2e52d79dd4031c8c at slot 36282814 and chunk 1679

Any updates? I have the same issue…

Hi @mikaint any help on this would be great, thanks in advance