Starting Daedalus prompts an installer automatically (is this a software update?)

HI! I have not run the Daedalus wallet for a couple of days. Now when I want to start the app on my mac it immediately prompts an installer and does not open. Before I install anything on my computer I would like to know what it is for.
The installer has a developer ID by Input Output HK Limited, but I still think it’s weird that I am supposed to install something which I dont know what it’s going to be.
Is this how Daedalus is getting updated?
Sorry, I m might just be a bit paranoid. Personally I think it would be more trustworthy if the app would first start and then ask for an update to be installed so I know this is really an update.
Thanks for the advise!

Nevermind… I went ahead with the installation which was prompted on start of the application and the wallet loaded fine with no apparent issues.

If any developer reads this, I would only suggest to make it more obvious in the installation process that whatever is downloaded and installed is actually a Daedalus update.