Starting over - domain question

Hi Folks,

Something is wrong with my keys and I’m just done trying to fix the problem - I will start from scratch. I want to start over, but it seems that I will need to wait one or two epochs to get the 500 ADA returned - is this correct?

Also, Can I Immediately use the same domain if I retire one pool today and start a new pool today?

Thank you

But why u will need to retire the pool? What’s wrong?

Frustration … I think I understand enough to build a multinode system from source using AWS, starting with VPCs and working backwards to the instance selection (I prefer i3a minimum), and even making libsodium work fairly quickly. I just used too many different guides …

I’m going to try to fix it …


you mean TICKER?

At this time, I am not going to retire the TICKER or pool - I cannot differentiate how the pool is sepearate from the TICKER yet. I’m going to try to fix this …

ok, btw, your metadata info is still wrong… and that is related to pool ticker…

I can view the file poolMetaData.json by typing in I felt pretty confident that the hash is correct on my BP and the file matches the hash - however it is not working.

Hosting is a Windows plan that I already had, and I have 6 months left to go with SSL.

but have you tried to debug the situation?