Status 'Not Confirmed' for 2 days sending Wolf token to Yoroi from Ledger

Hi Forum - 1st time poster here.

I’m experiencing a long delay (36hrs+) in the processing of a transaction from a Ledger Nano S Plus to Yoroi. It’s for a large number of WOLF tokens (of little fiat value).

The ‘Not Confirmed’ Status showing in Ledger Live means I can not make any other transactions on the Cardano app from Ledger - I get a ‘There is a pending operation for this account. Wait for the operation to go through’ message on Ledger Live.

Is this a normal delay? Is there anything I can do to help speed up the transaction?

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If u don’t see the transaction on then it means it was not completed… to fix this u will need to restore the ledger wallet.


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You could try to “Clear cache” in the “Help” tab of the Ledger Live settings.

As @Alexd1985 said, if a transaction hasn’t gone through after a couple of minutes, chances are very slim that it will ever go through.

Most wallet apps set a time to live for transactions of two to three hours to be really sure that it will never get through after that.

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Thanks guys for the response - clearing the cache worked.

My post did draw out what I think is a scam from user " Cardano-Dev1" - they pointed me to a website that asks for seed phrases etc - should I report/post this in the right forum?

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Suspended and deleted all posts. You don’t have to report anywhere else.