Steam doesn't support Bitcoin anymore. Cardano jump in pls!


This could be a great oppertunity for Cardano to partner with Steam!


Please, anything but a BTC fork or Ripple!


Have you seen how many new forks are in the making? :rofl:

  • super bitcoin
  • bitcoin bronze
  • bitcoin platinium
  • bitcoin uranium
    and more LOL


Put a message in the comments, don’t let the other coins dominate :slight_smile:


They didnt want volatility, and stated 25% as an example… Wonder how they would feel about Cardano over the next six months then =D


its obvious bitcoin will never be commercial viable. high transaction fees, small header, it wont be able to scale appropriately. its so volatile that all alt coins are useless to hold, im already down 25% on my ADA because of the extreme volatility.