Stop Cronjob

Hi guys, I set up Cronjob to run at 3:15 every day. I want to disable it from running automatically since the node goes offline for 20-40 min when the cronjob runs. I’m not sure as to why this happens and how to fix it. So any info regarding the cronjob shutting down the relay and how to stop it will be appreciated.


Run crontab -e and remove the line or make it a comment by adding # in front of it.

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What is the cron task doing? I assume you are dumping the ledger which requires lots of RAM so your node gets killed and when it boots up again it needs a bit time to fix the database as it was killed due OOM (can be checked in system logs).

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Yes, you are correct I am dumping the ledger. Even though I have 24GB of RAM on the server it still kills the node. Then the node has to hard restart. Thanks, I will give it a try now.

What would be your advice for the cronjobs to run? Do I have to dump the ledger? If I remove the ledger dump jobs and just keep the slot leader calculations will that work? Or should I just remove all the jobs and run them manually?

You can calculate it using stake snapshots which do not require a ledger dumps. See Coincashew tutorial for more details: