Stuck at epoch 257 with high CPU usage

This is a new pool I have setup, tx processed is increasing and I thought everything was working as expected until this morning when I noticed that it was still on epoch 257 and the node relay resources are capping at max cpu, and ram. gliveview keeps closing on the relay due to connection errors and you can see in image below that there are gaps in monitoring. This appears to have happened at the epoch boundary. I’ve seen some info about disabling mempool tracing on the relay server but not sure if this is fully supported.

This isn’t running on a rpi, its running on a proper server in a datacentre. 8GB RAM and 2 CPU cores allocated to each of the bock and relay servers.

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disabled mempool tracing and increased RAM to 10GB. not sure if the additional RAM was needed but noticed CPU load reduction as soon as disabling mempool tracing on the relay. I suspect based on other comments that this may have unknown implications so I will follow those threads to see if a better solution comes up.