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What are some of your questions regarding :cardano:?
It can be anything at all. Let’s create a compiler of questions and answers.

I’ve posted this one before but just to get us going;
Once we distribute the :ada: reserved for staking incentives, will we use fees from the treasury as incentives? And if so will fees have to increase incrementally to support the incentives as well as the treasury? Or will the platform have so many users and resources at that point that it’ll never run out of money and will incentivize the stalkers while keeping the treasury full. The incentives will gradually decrease over the years, so maybe that’s how it’ll work? :cardano: is an adoptive system and I’m trying to visualize what incentives will looks like in the future. I’ll appreciate if someone can help me formulate this question better.


Also… share more questions! What confuses you about Cardano? Can be about anything, voting, staking, satellites :artificial_satellite: in space, go nuts :peanuts:!

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When stake? What will be the monetary inflation % for staking reward at the beginning ? Who and how to determine this % number?

What’s the global community(user growth) and partnership(commercial adoption) strategy? Who is the target market? Who are going to use Cardano and boost transactions in the end of the day?

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Estimated time frame for launch of smart contracts?

When voting?

What is Cardano foundation doing at this moment? How many employees are at the Cardano foundation? Who are they?

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Piggybacking on this…
Will my :ada: loose value as more :ada: enters circulation? I suppose if you stake then no, the value will remain the same. If you don’t stake, then the value most likely will decrease. Looks like no one is going to get rich from staking, you’re simply going to perpetually stake your :ada: to avoid inflation.

i feel like this is answered within one of the papers. thing is in their academic paper form they are overwhelmingly off-putting to most. which is why i’m making it a mission of mine to get such info to be palatable by simplifying, translating and visualising it!


…at Davos taking selfies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


source : > twitter


I am earning rewards on the testnet (using Yoroi). It appears that my rewards are going right back into my (testnet) wallet and adding to my stake. Am I correct to assume that at the end of the Testnet my rewards will be automatically moved to my original (mainnet) wallet that I had originally “snapshotted” or will I have a chance to enter the wallet I wish them to go into? I am confused about what I hear regarding the Daedalus “rewards” wallet. Is that a different wallet than the normal Daedalus “staking” wallet?

So far so good and I am excited to be a part of this project!