Summon Platform | Going Live on Cardano | Making DAOs Easy to Create!

Cardano Over Coffee :coffee::coffee: W/ Summon Platform Scalable Voting | Transparent Yield | On-Chain Security - We make DAOs on Cardano easy for everyone

The Summon Platform consists of open-source, on-chain (PlutusTx and Plutarch validation) code, off-chain computation code (written with Lucid and the cardano-transaction-lib) and server code that runs on the back-end, hosted by the Summon Platform.

The Summon team will take advantage of open-source code being developed by the ADAO Community and other Cardano organizations, contributing to those repositories to advance the ecosystem.

Summon will also develop off-chain code that will remain closed source to protect proprietary products, with other code being produced on a delayed, open-source model, as deemed appropriate.

Summon allows for users to create, update, and manage DAOs. It also allows for DAOs to manage other DAOs via a controlling stake, and will continue to operate with the highest possible levels of interoperability. This means that DAOs will not be operating in isolation, but instead can directly interact with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) systems in a variety of contexts, subject to certain criteria predetermined by the DAO. Some of the distinguishing elements of the Summon Platform include the ability to utilize different strategies to collect a return in DeFi, and having these strategies directly implemented into Plutus-Core validators.