Surprise AMA with Charles


That was very informative, i really like casual Charles :slight_smile:


Charles Hoskinson and team to leave in 2020?

I am watching this AMA right now. WOW is it good and educational, and all the latest information.



Here are the questions, in case you didn’t want to listen the entire 2 hours.

Google Partnership?

Relationship with Michael Parsons?

any zksnarks (zero knowledge) coming to Cardano/Ada? how about spv nodes?

Will IOHK continue to support ETC development?

How many languages will cardano support for smart contracts & Dapps to be written in?
Computational model:
a.) best accounting model
b.) best Etherium type smart contract model in different languages
c.) new capabilities (Lebowski way ;- )

When is all this going to ship?

Will we forever be in a paradigm where Bitcoin and Altcoins are linked together?

What do you think of LISK

Common things with other projects in this space

What do you think about Bitcoin Maximalists and their ideas?

Will there be a minimum stake required to register a stake pool in production?
Delegated (!) proof of stake - Consenus as a Service

Have you complained to Twitter about the impersonators?

When Cardano dedit card?

Can you elaborate on the GeoStamping / geo ledger research?

What do you think will be the year of CARDANO to replace ETHER as smart contract platform and for ICO fundraising

Who would you rather punch in the face, Dan Larimer or Roger Ver?

What will happen after the Emurgo - IOHK contract for developing Cardano expires?

Japanese Exchanges and markets?

What do you think of Jackson Palmer (Dodgecoin)?

Can you give some feeling for how discussions with African countries are going?

Cardano ATMs?

When Lambo?

Comment on Emurgo’s work being done right now in Indonesia?

How is partnership with Sirin labs coming along?

Can you tell us about your trip to Israel?

How can a project like Tezos launch without a wallet?

I would recommend listening to the answer for the last one because it has a way more general value than to refer only to Tezos.


Charles--live Now!

The Rocky theme should be playing in the background on his answer to the last one.



This was my question from “Crypto Kylie”. :grinning:

I managed to catch this AMA while I was fixing some stuff on her channel, and asked the question.

Great AMA though, and thanks @werkof for making that list with time stamps.



Where did you ask the question? On YouTube comments?



No, it was just random during the live stream. I just happened to be at my computer and saw the “live” icon next to Charles YouTube channel so I clicked on it — Surprise AMA, about 10 minutes into the live stream so I threw out my question in the live chat and he answered it.

Best. Day. Ever.

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@werkof Thanks so much for the timestamps Markus! :slight_smile:



Interesting to watch the click rates on the questions.
Google Partnership and When Lambo still on top.
Common guys! I really recommend the very last question and answer.



0:58 - Does IOHK have a partnership with Google?
4:08 - What is your relationship with Michael Parsons (Cardano Foundation Chairman)?
6:49 - Are zk-SNARKs coming to Cardano? How about SPV?
13:10 - Now that ETC has a good foothold, will IOHK support its development?
18:43 - How many languages will Cardano support for smart contracts?
31:00 - When will smart contracts be released?
33:47 - Will Bitcoin and altcoin markets forever be linked together?
37:40 - What do you think of Lisk, since you left your advisor role?
44:50 - Bitcoin maximalists?
54:49 - Will there be a minimum stake required to register a stake pool?
1:05:17 - Have you complained to Twitter about the impersonators?
1:09:50 - Cardano debit card?
1:11:14 - Geostamping and the Z/Yen relationship?
1:14:00 - What do think will be the year for Cardano to replace Ethereum as a smart contract platform and for ICO fundraising?
1:22:22 - Who would you rather punch in the face, Dan Larimer or Roger Ver?
1:23:42 - What will happen after IOHK’s contract to develop Cardano expires?
1:26:50 - Japanese exchanges?
1:30:17 - What do you think of Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, and his scepticism of Cardano, when he said in a video that your whitepaper was a lot of fluff?
1:38:02 - African countries?
1:44:03 - Cardano ATMs?
1:48:05 - When Lambo?
1:49:35 - Indonesia and Emurgo?
1:51:35 - Sirin Labs?
1:53:27 - Trip to Israel?
1:56:05 - Tezos? (Also rant about the sins of cryptocurrency companies.)

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