Survey: Do you plan on buying Traxia during ICO?



I was thinking the same thing. But they will be airdropping Ada on all wallets who have not sold, so I may keep mine in the original wallet.


Congrats !..I am still waiting for it !..:thinking:


Have you received yours yet?


My direct contribution TMT turned up a couple of hours ago, still waiting for the pool to allow withdrawals…


I received my ADA airdrop last night from Traxia! :smile:


ICO investment is very risky nowadays, so you should be ready to lose everything with that. In order to avoid that, you have to gather the more info you can, form every forum and every web site. And it still won’t make your money safe.


Hello everyone. New guy on the forum. I’ve been following this forum for a while now . I just wanted to ask what exchange everyone is using to purchase traxia? KuCoin seems to load faster on my system so I’m leaning towards using them. Also , for now, will I have to store traxia on the exchange? Will we be able to store TMT in Daedalus wallet? Or did I miss something and we can already store TMT in Daedalus wallet?
Thanks for any information you can provide.


Hi. I don’t think there’s any consensus on the best exchange at the moment. I used kucoin and had no probs but somebody recently found one of their offices deserted. TMT is an ERC20 token so any wallet that handles them and allows you specify the parameters of a new one will be good. MEW is mentioned a lot, I use Metamask. It won’t work with Daedalus until TMT migrates to Cardano, which won’t happen until Q1 2019, or maybe a little later.



What was the ICO price?

What exchanges?



LMAO. x 10


Paper losses don’t bother me. Let’s look at it again in a year’s time. Or two, or three…


Someone can tell if liqease is being used ?
Or how many people registered in their platform or any data ?


I believe the platform is still being tested, they expect the first real use to be next month. The Telegram channel can be quite good, particularly when they do an AMA.


Thank you!
AMA at some point is the perspective and eloquence of the speaker
In a trustless systems/ protocols ( blockchain ) that at the end is what all about becomes systems in which we should trust! ironic

Was looking for some tangible data


The trouble with idealists is they have no patience! :grin:

You say “at the end” but you expect it now already! :grin:

Many people with interests, I’d say, very like your’s, said they got a lot out of the last couple of AMAs.

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Indeed :sweat_smile:, got me, well said

just curiosity, not for traxia in particular but about the whole ecosystem adoption