[Survey] Should the Cardano Community ask Joe Rogan to invite Charles Hoskinson on his show?

Joe is best when sailing the ship.

Personally, I agree with what Charles has said before about this idea. Let’s have something to show, and THEN go and show it.

I’d like to see us get staking, decentralization, the computation layer, etc. up and running first.

Anyone can show up with promises and hype. Let’s be the ones who show up with an actual, working, living and breathing technology that can be deployed right now to go and change the world.


same here!:innocent::innocent::innocent: need to load more cardano protocol before exposure and i’m sure it will follow by the people.

we don’t hype without actual product.

My key points here Leo are that we need to gage support, which obviously we have, and also people need to be clicking the link I posted above for contacting the Joe Rogan show and get Charles’ name out there to people screening potential guests. The more people ask for Charles over time, the more likely he will be on the show when there is more product to discuss.

I personally think we have enough product and support for Charles to go on the show both now and again in the future. Andreas Antonopolis has been on the Joe Rogan show at least 3 times now.

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I don’t understand when people say there’s no product to market at this stage.

If you own ADA then obviously there’s a product. With how fast things move in this space, we can’t afford to be caught back on our heels.

J.R. exposure BEFORE ADA is listed on Coin Desk would be a really good thing.

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Yup. Let’s not wait. We need to GOGOGOGOGO on marketing.

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Not only are Daedalus and Yoroi both products, there is Infinito on iPhone and Android, etc…

In addition Cardano has 46 very high quality research papers, the BEST in the crypto currency space. Those research papers represent a massive amount of work and intellectual progress. I consider those research papers a highly valuable product.

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The general public, those who have never even heard of Cardano, don’t give a rip about the details. You are investigating the bark on the trees when we should be showing the general public the forest. Let’s get them to buy ADA like we all did and continue to do.

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Just filled it out and sent it in. Hopefully enough of us do it and it catches his attention. :grin:

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Yes hopefully once the Crypto space heats up again (Bulls comes back in force) Charles will be at the top of the list for guests.

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Well done @bercinho for promoting @rickymac’s idea on twitter


I am happy to promote any idea from anyone, which helps the Cardano Ecosystem.

This idea is actually a pretty old one from last year August and doesn’t come from Rick, which keeps popping up now and then without success so far. The Community tries with various methods and channels to help the cause, which is a nice joint effort.

I thought brining in the Boulder, Colorado residency experience they share might create a common context Joe likes (look back some of his Podcasts, when he speaks about Boulder with other guests).

Let’s retweet that Tweet as well, hopefully it reaches Joe somehow.

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Yeah I guess the key here is it doesn’t matter where the idea came from as long as the community supports it (or that 2 people happened to mention Antonopolis on the exact same day, just a coincidence).

I think the more people who fill out the Contact link to the Joe Rogan Experience and ask for Charles to be invited on the show, the more likely Charles will get the invitation. We tried Twitter and that is just one communication vector. Using more and various types of comms may lead to successfully getting Charles invited.

Honestly I would like to see Charles on there because it would be a HUGE marketing and promotion for Cardano, and the research alone could take up hours of a great podcast. Plus Joe Rogan likes a good backstory, which Charles has.


I’m thinking we should brainstorm a list of topics and stories we would like to hear Charles talk about on Joe Rogan’s show, although both of those guys seem to always have ideas.

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Sure this would be a great marketing move but I think it’s not the right time. From the point of view of a non-crypto person it could look like “ah a faster Bitcoin with Smart-Contracts oh so like ETH?”.
I think it would be better to wait until the Treasury+Votingcenter are live, the network is decentralized and have some smart-contracts in action to show a average person the extensive benefits of Cardano.

At the present time it probably still semms to be too abstract.


Well they both do float therapy. I actually have a tank in my home. I bet they would be interested in talking some about that.