Swagger UI on running node (wallet)


i have a running node in a docker container (synology nas).
Here is the link to the dockerfile https://github.com/EmurgoVN/cardano_docker

I can now communicate with the node over the rest api. For example a call over my browser
=> {“Right”: “cabalVersion”:“1.0.3”,“apiVersion”:“v0”,“gitRevision”:“0ceca33c290f07ecdbb6ee8789dcdeef8e2d8d93”,“softwareVersion”:“cardano-sl:0”}}

Under cardanodocs.com is the swagger ui available to describe the api of the wallet.

Is the swagger UI also available on every running node? Is yes, what is the url to open the ui?
I tryed some variation but has no success :frowning:


You have to install swagger by yourself.

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@p-alik thank you for the hint

but i want to use the swagger UI on the running node. The advantage of swagger is, that it can be a living documentation/spec. You can interact over the ui with the api. Is is a replacment of the browser/postman or other tools to consume a REST API.


I guess there is no way around it to setup it manually.

Here a good post regarding postman setup with cardano api:

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@p-alik Thank you. That helps me! :smiley:

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