Symphony Of Blockchains V2.0

IOHK just released a video of the SoB V2.0 which I think is by far one of the most visually tantalising projects ever created in the entire ecosystem. A few of us got a sneak peak at PlutusFest and frankly I think it’s phenomenal IOHK is funding projects like this.


-If built with the capability to do so-

If a situation arose where one had to troubleshoot a program that was in need of repair or upgrade.

The techie, could place his VR goggles over his head. Dive into the virtual world. Locate said element, and work on the software inside the virtual world as if it were hardware.
Like a plumber working under a sink, or electrician doing wiring. Correct?

(Software acting as hardware. It’s almost like creating “hard” or “physical” light")

Also, if the proper eco system were built. The ecosystem itself could be the equivalent or very similar to a decoder window but instead of typing a string of code on a keyboard displayed on the monitor. You assemble code like Legos inside a living room.

(I say we build Tron cycles)

I hope I said that correctly to at least a degree that didn’t sound far fetched.


William Gibson’s way ahead of you friend. :grinning:

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