Sync Issue with Daedalus/Linux/Ledger


I have been using Daedalus for quite some time and don’t do much in the way of transactions. I had a simple setup with one wallet staked. No, issues!

I recent created a new wallet using my ledger Nano S. Again no real issues. I made a test transfer and a bulk transfer to the new wallet from Binance. There were the usual slow delays on Binance but the transaction completed in about a half hour. I checked each transaction with the TID and checks the receiving address and there were no isssues.

The problem was that Daedalus never synced or show the balance update. Each time I waited for about 40minutes and nothing update. The solution each time was to quit Daedalus and restart.

Also, after successfully staking the new Nano S wallet, the Staking panel showed the the new wallet was not delegated. And none of the staking rewards in my other non-Ledger wallet were show- they were displayed as zero. Again, quitting and restarting fixed this issue.

Is this a known issue with Linux/Daedalus/Ledger? I have never had syncing issues with Daedalus in the past for the few transfers that I have done.

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