Synchronizing blocks are decreasing

I have updated Daedalus Wallet 1.10.1 . The synchronizing blocks are decreasing from 99.38% to 99.25%. I think the percentage of value should be increasing. What happened ? Thanks :slight_smile:

When synchronisation stops the blockchain keeps on getting bigger, so the synch percentage naturally drops. Try restarting the program, and if prob persists restart computer and try again. At that stage it’s probably worth looking at the FAQ and trying the relevant suggestions.


I have restarted computer & Daedalus, the problem still unsolved. Synchronizing blocks is now going down to 99,11%. After updating to new Daedalus 1.10.1, the synchronizing blocks seems to decreasing gradually 99.38% --> 99.25% --> 99.11%.
Note : I’ve never seen such case in previous Daedalus 1.10.0 . Thanks

Others have, this is nothing to do with the version. I suggest you look at the FAQ. I hope you get past this problem soon.

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Have you switched to a much slower internet connection? You could be downloading blocks too slow to keep up, but if I recall correctly they are fixing the overall storage and size of blocks in a coming-soon update.

The actual block size is not changing, just the storage arrangements, to become much more efficient. Networking won’t be affected by this, but will be improved in other ways, in versions 1.3 and 1.4. See the latest video update from CH.


Yes you are indeed more precise with your words. The block size in the specification/network isn’t changing, but blocks have been stored as separate files up to this point so there’s overhead and that will shrink.