Tag 1.25.1 not a parent of cardano-node master

When building/running master, I currently see …

[048dd47e:cardano.node.networkMagic:Notice:5] [2021-02-11 04:06:36.32 UTC] NetworkMagic 764824073
[048dd47e:cardano.node.basicInfo.protocol:Notice:5] [2021-02-11 04:06:36.32 UTC] Byron; Shelley
[048dd47e:cardano.node.basicInfo.version:Notice:5] [2021-02-11 04:06:36.32 UTC] 1.25.0

and indeed when looking at the git history, it seems that 1.25.1 is part of branch karknu/counters that hasn’t been merged.

Is that intentional?

PS: Not sure if this is the right place to ask these things

You might get better luck searching or asking in the SPO Telegram group: