Taking a look at Marlowe and its potential impact on adoption

10 years ago, if you asked me what I thought it browser based website builders, I would have scoffed at them and said there was no way they would take off and be better than hand coded website.

Fast forward to today, and the browser based website builders such as Square Space, WIX and many others dominate the entry level website space, lowering the barrier to entry and allowing anyone to easily build a website that draws in business and can scale.

In the blockchain and Web3 space we have Marlowe. A visual smart contract builder being created by the team at Input Output Global designed to make the world of smart contracts easier. Anyone that can understand the programming logic can now drag and drop that logic into a flow and have their smart contract interact with the Cardano blockchain.

Marlowe is that lowering of the barrier of entry to the blockchain world, allowing anyone to write smart contracts.

Write a smart contract on the Marlowe Playground website:

Sign up for the Marlowe Pioneer’s Programme:

Join the IOG Technical Communities to learn more about Marlowe:

Checkout Scratch from MIT:

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