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The Blue Orange


I would like to Introduce you to The Blue Orange Stake Pool, run by Lgbeano and Father to expand our involvement within the Cardano network and contribute to decentralising the Blockchain. Without question, in the not so distant future, Cardano is likely to be huge; to get on board at such an early stage is a privilege in itself.

The pool will continue onto mainnet, however there is a chance of a name change, once a brand has been decided.

The Telegram Channel https://t.me/theblueorangepool has been created to keep people up to date with progress. - Further media outlets will be created as we move forward.

Details of The Blue Orange:


Fees: currently set at 2%

We welcome and look forward to seeing some of you delegate to the pool and wish everyone a bright future with Cardano. Cheers to Delegation, Rewards and Decentralisation.

Many Thanks,

Lgbeano :slight_smile:


Welcome! Good to see you here too. And with that I wish you good luck! :mechanical_arm:

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Good luck en succes with your pool @Lgbeano. I like your contributions on the other discussion topics very much. Unfortunately i only delegate at the moment to dutch pools, just because of the decentralisation, also in my home country. I will ceep you in mind if i change my policy, even as i think at @Cardanians.io (also like their articles).

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Thank you Katsumoto and Harry for the kind words. Heres to the future with Cardano in it :grin:

We are hitting 100% blocks since we started the pool. And now have 33million delegated. Up and coming pool :grin:

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