Team needed to revolutionise an entire industry

Hello world,

For the last 9 years I am grinding a project that aims to challenge how things are done in the build industry.
I am looking now to move to the next stage.

Any big dreamers out here that would be interested in lending a hand ?
If you are based in the London area, drop me a line and let’s get together together for a drink.


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Curious - are you looking to use ADA as the underlying technology?

Most probably yes. I see no point trying to reinvent the wheel.
Probably it will work in parallel with a token designed to carry the information needed for rewording the contributors.

Cool. I’m in the US, so can’t be of too much help. Best of luck with the project!

Why don’t you say a few words about this project?

Absolut corect Razvan :slight_smile:

I am talking here about the first global database for building materials information and building models.

Starting from the technical files for each building material or component, the full build model and every alteration ever done after completion.

Or in an even simpler way of saying it … getting the entire industry digitised.


I also have an interest in a global database for building materials, generally I wanted to focus on metal products, I see how positive this would be and the need for tracking items, I am in the US but will support your efforts from here :+1:, I hope you are able to progress forward with this!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :smile: it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one crazy enough to think about something like this :smile: .

Figuring out the DB layer was the easiest part,
the CDE layer added some extra challenges that sent me back to drawing board with the dilemma: public Vs private, decentealised Vs distributed.
The fun part is that I got so carried away with the architecture and how it will work that I completely ignored the financial aspect …

… man, I need a co-founder before I end up in a nut house.

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The univers is full of coincidences,
A couple of months ago …
In my attempt to raise capital for a blockchain solution for the construction industry (entitled “chaining the brick”), I ended up presenting my idea to a lot of people.
Some of them seamed extremely interested in the concept, so they kept asking for more and more information, down to architecture.
After that, nothing, complete silence.

Tonight, chasing some things I find a web site named xxxxxxxxxx… Nice naming, habe to admit, it sounds better then “chaining the brick”
But interesting enough, absolutely no name of founders.

I start reading … extremely, extremely, extremely, similar structure and extremely similar way to how I was presenting the “why” and “how” in my emails.

But to understand how full of mirecles and coincidences the university is … The guys that put together the site, thought exactly the same mistakes that I thought at that time… and even the same examples of usage, … And even the same couple of “red herrings” that I was throwing.

Yep, welcome to the real life.:slight_smile: That’s how it works w/ a very-very few exceptions.
And I look up to hose few and would spit in the rest eyes.

Show must go on.
I have invested at least 3 years of my life refining this idea … And they just proved that I was not crazy to do so.

There are still bits that I’ve only figured out in the last 2 months and other bits that I kept to myself.

If I can find 28k to 40K to build a working prototype, I will mop the floor with their site and I will also get a chance at a 1mil founding for industry development…

So … Show must go on


Look guys,
Unintentionally I’ve done something stupid.
When writing the story about the website that contains a lot of similarity to the emails exchanged by me with a certain angel investor I ended up creating a misunderstanding.

Just to clarify:
I sware to go that I do not suspect anyone from Emurgo or any of those that contacted me from the forum.

The only problem I ever had with Emurgo was with their slow response.

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FWIW I didn’t think you suspected Emurgo.

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:slight_smile: thank you for that.


I was referring only to the brickchain guys.