Testnet on AWS free

is it possible to use the free AWS that has 1 gig of ram to do the tests and learn how to set up a cardan pool on testnet ??

You’ll be able to build it, etc. but it won’t run. It needs 12gb of RAM to operate. You might get away with 10gb.

I do run my testnet in 8GB ram, contabo. It works without any problem, I know some others use it even for mainnet.

Another Alternative if just wanting to set up and learn you can download VBOX

Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Then create a VM for Linux and play around with that. That’s what I did for my initial learnings.

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Don’t forget you can also just get a cheap second hand pc and run a baremetal server. Much cheaper than running aws or similar.

thank you very much for the answers

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Depends on the quality of your internet connection at home. Would be very unfortunate to miss a block, because you watched Netflix at the time and it clogs your connection.

By the way: How much traffic does a pool relay produce per day/week/month?

I think, nobody pays per volume, anymore, on home connections, but the provider could be unamused. And the info is also relevant for hosting offers that do not have traffic included.

I guess it depends on the number of IN and OUT connections.

For the last month, my relay was at about 37GB received and 62GB sent. The producer was at about 9GB received and 5GB sent. (mainnet)


I’ll have to check my usage but we haven’t missed any blocks due to our connection. You can setup qos on your router to ensure your stake pool traffic is prioritised.