Testnet p2p - no transaction count

All those files are generated before you register on the blockchain. So I have all of them and it runs in “core” mode, i.e. as a BP. The pool is registered on the blockchain now, but that doesn’t change the behaviour.

Either way, it can also run as a relay without those files, but I still don’t get p2p transactions.

As I mentioned before, when I turn off p2p and just run it as a non-p2p node, using the topology updater, then I get a transaction count. So there is something about p2p that changes the way the node runs. That’s my issue.

I thought you lost your keys…

In any case p2p works, it even works with exact config file what I posted, here. I tested by myself, not sure what to add more.

By the way, you registered your relay as 0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:16960:

And if I try to connect to it:

So that is first thing what you should look into.

Without incoming connections you will not get cardano_node_metrics_txsInMempool_int metrics


yeah, my port moves around each time I restart as I’m just using a free ngrok connection at the moment. My paid one is all used up for my mainnet pool. You can try connect to 19552. That’s the port it is running on now.

Do you have a non-p2p testnet node you can add that to the topology of? (0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:19552) It might be an interesting test to see if non-p2p still connect in to my node.

But with the p2p architecture I can change the port it refers to in the topology and I expect that this is the port that is reported to the network. I do receive incoming connections via p2p.

With non-p2p I can also change my port and update that via topology updater and get incoming connections, and transactions.

I know p2p works for others. But there is something in my setup, quite possibly the CGnat bypass that is causing an issue for the p2p. That is what concerns me.

You need incoming connection to work so other relays will connect to your BP/relay. Other relays will use port and hostname from blockchain in your case 0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:16960. So if 0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:16960 will not be accessible, that means you will not get incoming traffic and no cardano_node_metrics_txsInMempool_int will be there. I haven’t used topologyupdater for almost half year, but if I recall correctly you can push via it your IP and port and that why it works on non-p2p for you.

So bottomline - make your port available and everything will work.

P.S. Meanwhile I will add 0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:19552 to my relays, so shortly you should get incoming traffic from my 2 relays and then you will get cardano_node_metrics_txsInMempool_int

I will connect to your relay from p2p relay, it doesn’t matter if source is p2p relay or not it will work in anycase.

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Thanks, I realise about the need for incoming connections. That’s been my point, I do have incoming connections…but no transactions… see my earlier screen shot.

But do let me know when you’ve added the relay manually (p2p or otherwise). I think that will be a good test

Not sure what kind of incoming connection you have… If every time you restart your node port changes and topology is not brodcasting it, that means nobody is aware about your new port.

All relays from blockchain are trying to connect towards 0.tcp.au.ngrok.io:16960

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I can see I have new connections coming in now and the transactions are increasing…so I assume you’re connected to my node. Thanks

I guess the “5” incoming connections that I always get are not active nodes, or something like that. Or maybe some internal connections.

How many nodes have you connected? I can see 9 incoming now, i.e. 4 more than a few minutes ago. It will be interesting to see if the p2p starts announcing my node via yours.

Now it is just 1 Relay, I’m in process adding second one.

I put your relay in localRoots, so it will not be advertise. It is quite interesting though. Maybe I will put you later in publicRoots and will start to advertise your relay. It will interesting to see if you get traffic from other relays…

If you are checking connection with gliveview, maybe it do not shows it correctly. Try to check it with netstat.

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With my ngrok connection I can’t netstat the connections, as they all come in over the tcp tunnel, and then just get reported as a “local” connection.

But with your connection added and the transaction count going up, I’m happy that it isn’t an issue with the node or gLiveView. It is “only” a connection issue.

I’m up to 13 incoming now. So something is happening!!

By the way as temporary solution you can run your nodes in p2p and still use topology script just to push out your port and IP. So you will get incoming connections from pools what are using topology script and your node will connect to relays from blockchain using p2p features.

When all pools will switch to p2p from topology, that will stop work, though.

Hmm, I never thought of using the topology script (not updater) and p2p…interesting.