The amount is not changing the value, it stays always the same amount

I transferred Ada into my wallet but the amount does not change, it does not go up not go lower

You may explain what you tried to do and in which wallet.

I transferred some hours ago an amount from exodus to shelley mainnet wallet 2,0 , this amount stays always the same

Isnt Exodus wallet under maintenance aswell? I’d try to contact the techsupport from Exodus if you are sure that you sent your funds to the correct address.

yes I can see the amount in the wallet but it does not change

I dont really know what you mean. What does not change?

Sorry if m not expressing myself clear enough…

The amount is not going up or down like in other wallets I put it in at 0,17 and ada is now at 0,175 but the amount in my wallet is still the same

Hi Fabian are you still there ??

Could sb answer quickly my question ???

Do you mean the transaction isn’t showing in Daedalus?

Check it out again. Exodus wallet was under maintainence and supports shelley now.

No, it does not have to do with Exodus wallet. All went well, I could transfer the amount to the Daedalus wallet but not the money is always exactly the same amount…

It does not move up or down

Don’t know which “money” you mean, but main point is: does the transaction show up?

the transaction shows up yes… I can see the amount of ADA i transferred.

In other wallets if I hold a certain amount of ADA and the price goes up then my ADA amount goes up as well correct ?? If I have 10 000 ADA in the wallet and the price goes up my ADA should be more… or I see a dollar price so that I know the value of my ADA

OK now I understand what you’re saying. No, ADA price is irrelevant in this situation. Also in other wallets, what you see is change in dollar value, not in coins/tokens held.

You may reimport your exodus wallet Private keys to Guarda wallet. I believe It will show you real balance but would like to Mention, Since Guarda Going to Support Shelly Hardfork You can’t move your ADA from there. Your funds will stay safe at blockchain.

How would that help? Exodus already supports Shelley, Guarda does not. Unless of course you just routinely mention Guarda every chance you get…? :rofl:

Trying to make some activity here with helping out people with how much I know. I’m not familiar with exodus so Don’t know that They are already support Shelly hardfork. Btw, I will not comment again.

You made 4 posts recently here and in every post you mentioned Guarda Wallet… If you want to be helpful try to help the people and do not shill your stuff here please…


Ahhh exactly this is what I meant… to see the value of the coins I am holding in a wallet…
So in the Daedalus wallet you see only the token you have but not their value…
Ok at least I know now that everything is ok as it is.
Thanks a lot for your help !!!