The Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Methodology is Changing

The delegation announced yesterday was from IOG not CF. They have different requirements. image

We are by no means a rich pool. And our pledge has been 5k since June. Thank you IOG for recognizing our hard work! :pray:t4:image

Like @Zyroxa said there will be an announcement very soon, like every time when we redelegate. But at this point, it is obvious that we have changed the delegation strategy.

I understand that the timing here is interesting but the truth is: IOHK and Cardano Foundation delegations are not aligned somehow. Therefore, there can never have been such a rule that someone cannot get CF and IOHK delegation at the same time.


although, is that valid?
" * Have not been delegated to by the Cardano Foundation in the last four rounds."
it would be nice to know.

thank you for your availability.

Not a single “Delegation Criteria” has been met for this round of delegation.

There are pools with 0 Pledge, 500 Pledge, 0% Margin, 10%+ Saturation Pre Delegation, No Validated Blocks (not even a month old pool), and some pools that received CF delegation literately last round?

It appears selection is no longer randomised either with some pools having their second CF delegation applied while still having last rounds. Not to mention, also receiving IOG for the second time, although unrelated?

It’s probably a good idea to set requirements for the next delegation phase now, so SPOs have some sort of KPI to work towards.

Perhaps a better process would be publishing all of the pools CF deem worthy and using an open-source smart contract to randomly select from that list?


As @adatainment said, there will be an announcement very soon.

Hello @SPAAS, That is a correct assessment of the new strategy, but please wait for the announcement for exact details. As before, we delegate first and post the announcement afterward. Thank you.

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What is the reason for that (annoucing after delegating instead of before)?


Clearly they delegated to some pools that developed some widely used block explorers and tools. Hence the delegation to the more saturated pools and because IOG had a similar requirement this time (coincidence?), there’s some overlap. I think this is well deserved for those pools, even if they’re already bigger.

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I agree the delegation is deserved, I was merely laying out the facts that none of the previous Delegation Criteria apples anymore and offered a suggestion to include “process over people” with smart contracts being included in the selection process.

I am curious why there is double CF delegation, and re-delegation to previous pools but I’m sure that will be explained in the announcement.


Now worries, there is no double delegation, you can see two delegations only because not all wallets have been redelegated yet. (I think this is true for ARM1 and CHRTY)


I can assure you that you didn’t lose delegation because of the Margin raise… The difference in rewards is about 0.05% for every % of Margin.

Not to mention that the chance for Cardano Foundation delegation is really low, as they choose 45 pools of almost 500-1000 which were able to qualify for previous criteria (25k pledge and 1 block minted).

Closing this topic. Please see our new announcement for details:

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