The City of Angeles believes in Cardano

Hello from Los Angeles! I discovered Cardano in March of 2018 and after much research decided that Crypto Currency has the potential to really help the world. I invested a little money into it and continued to do read and absorb as much as I could about Cardano, as well as other cryptos.

Recently I came across a quote from Rohan Mahadevan that struck me. "Make sure you’re investing in things that you believe in, as opposed to investing in things that other people believe in,”. So, after a year of reading I’ve decided to invest a substantial amount of my savings into Cardano and help push the cause forward however best I can. Be that one person at a time at a backyard BBQ or maybe in other ways. I’m here to find how I can help.


It’s kind of funny how tonight I just responded to someone on the fb page about how I have interacted with the community - here I will say follow your heart - but really…just be involved in the conversation, join multi national initiatives that want to see cardano succeed, promote the Ambassador’s of Cardano, support them through twitter, youtube, Instagram, and whatever other platform they are on, and maybe look at what it would take for you to be an Ambassador, really if you are truly making an attempt to push the cause forward then shoot for an Ambassador title and make a big push to be a big part of this community movement - we need Ambassadors that have different view point’s as we begin to operatwe in a decentralized space - let me know if you need any help to move forward in your ambitions to be involved!


Hi @Shotataduck, welcome!


Welcome aboard! The next several years will be interesting ones!


Welcome, @Shotataduck